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A collection of CSP's, JSP's and RWS
CSP reference: 2011 Council Shoulder Insignia by Steve Austin et al.

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Friends of Scouts 2013
National Jamboree 2013

Central Florida
Gulf Coast (FL)
Gulf Ridge
Gulf Stream
North Florida
Pinellas Area
South Florida
Southwest Florida
Sunny Land
Suwannee River Area
West Central Florida

World Jamboree RWS BWS etc.
National Jamboree 2001
National Jamboree 2005
National Jamboree 2010
Friends of Scouts 2003 Camp La-No-Che
Friends of Scouts 2004 Ross Allen
Friends of Scouts 2005 Tipisa Lodge
Friends of Scouts 2006
Friends of Scouts 2007 Friends of Scouts 2009
Friends of Scouts 2008 Friends of Scouts 2010

Friends of Scouts 2011

Friends of Scouts 2012

Sunshine Trade-O-Ree

Links To Major Collections

Florida Collectors' Newsletter
First CSP's The Original On Line CSP Reference
The Internet Guide to OA Insignia
Patch Collectors Base Camp
International Scouting Museum
Las Vegas, Nevada
rwsregistry.com   Contains scans of all known RWS

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